We are mothers, wives (ex?), daughters, girlfriends, professionals, housewives, blondes, brunettes, blacks and whites. Sensitive and altruistic, eccentric and combative. We are mechanics in high heels. We are everything and the opposite of everything, depending on the occasion.

We are women, like you. And proud to bear this name.



The Trophy Wife Shop was born in a casual way during the limitations of a year that will leave a considerable mark in our lives, the infamous 2020. Although the difficult situation has wreaked some havoc on everyone but hey, as far as we are concerned, it was a huge disaster!

What have we learned? That you shold play with life, don't suffer it.

And from here, it all begins.

Using (and abusing) years of online shopping we agreed that sometimes it took hours and hours of investigations between links and unknown pages comparing prices, suppliers, shipments and often before finding the right product, even the trendiest. So, don't having too much time to waste, we often gave up.

During some (many) alcoholic brainstormings, therefore, we decide by mutual agreement to create a shared list of items, purchased (and approved) by at least one of us, carefully selected and reflecting our demanding expectations on quality and design.

In a matter of months, the word quickly spread to friends and family, greatly increasing our "shopping help" community. We therefore decided to take a big step in the direction of modernity (yes, we have to admit, none of us have ever been a dragon with social media!) and make our method available to everyone.

Thus was born thetrophywife.shop, a real showcase in which to find trendy items at advantageous prices and conditions, carefully selected by women for women.



The name The Trophy Wife comes from the provocative, classic cliché we have been fighting against for decades and which still continues to be considerably present in our society: the object woman. On a daily basis we carry out the grueling fight against gender inequalities in various sectors, but it never seems to be enough.

It is ironic to think, in fact, that even today a woman who takes care of her body, is interested in design and / or fashion and does not mind a few parties is still considered frivolous. On the other hand, no one needs to explain that we arrived at that party directly from the office, putting on make-up at the traffic light while replying to the last bunch of email. Isn't it?

This is why The Trophy Wife was born as a world apart, in which we can afford to be as we are without masks or explanations, in the meantime in which we fight for the right space in the real one.

So frivolous, intellectual, combative, self-centered, rational girl...

Welcome to our world.


The Trophy Wife Team